We are all privileged and blessed! So, whether you are bearing a third world passport or when you find yourself financially incapable, these should not be a hindrance for us to explore the world or at least your own country. Go places!


Hi! First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. This is just a brief introduction why I started this blog…

My grandparents and my mom and her siblings had their fair share of adventures. I mostly got my thirst for travel from them. I sometimes think that wanderlust is genetic! Kidding aside, I remember my mom telling me that my generation is more fortunate and much more encouraged to travel compared to theirs. Plane tickets are much lower (more money for shopping…yay!JK), rules are less strict and information about the world can be easily acquired online. I always keep those in mind whenever I am planning my travels which also gives me the drive to continue exploring.


My initial decision for starting this blog is because I miss writing. I was given the opportunity to write travel articles a few years back. You can just imagine how ecstatic I was when my articles were being published by a local magazine! But, life happened and there are other priorities I needed to tackle so after those I wasn’t able to do a follow-up. Writing has been a hobby but sharing ideas and opinions gives a certain joy to me. I found that the latter really is my reason for having this website.


Just to mention, I am not a writer. It isn’t what I do for a living (or at least not yet and why not right? lol) but I am hoping I can give travel tips (where to stay, food to eat, things to do etc) to whoever will stumble upon this blog and hopefully find my writing useful. I am planning to invite friends here as well so they can share their stories too. It’s just pure sharing of knowledge and experiences and having this online community of travelers. I hope I can return the favor and do the same for you—my readers and fellow roamers! Read along and enjoy!



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