Japan: More Than Just Mangas and Animes

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VISA: Japan with Sample DIY Itinerary (10 days + 5 areas in Japan)

Planning our travel to Japan has not been too easy. We are required to get a visa before entering the Land of the Rising Sun. Not that I have not done it before for my US and Canada visas but I have to admit, I can be a bit lazy when it comes to collating visa requirements. I sometimes wish I can just travel without having to collect documents, going to travel agencies or embassies to have it checked or interviewed and then do the same process again when renewing for the same visa or when applying for another visa for another country. However, we all know how easier it is today, to be secured of and approved of one, as Japan and other countries adjusted their travel regulations to promote their country’s tourism. With that said, if that process doesn’t stress you then getting a Japan visa will not be too difficult for you.

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We are all privileged and blessed! So, whether you are bearing a third world passport or when you find yourself financially incapable, these should not be a hindrance for us to explore the world or at least your own country. Go places!


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